2018 Crypto Retrospective | Circle Research

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2018 Crypto Retrospective

While the year-long — and ongoing — bear market impacted many stakeholders negatively, it initiated the clearing of low quality projects, provided the opportunity to build without price worry, and encouraged investment in crypto assets that might be oversold.

In our first Crypto Retrospective, we review key themes, market performance and critical blockchain and token data insights from 2018, while highlighting the top trends to watch in 2019.

Key takeaways:

  • Bitcoin dominance rises over 50% in flight to safety, peaks at 57% in December
  • Bitcoin & ethereum transaction fees drop over 90% in 2018
  • 88% of ICO funds were raised in the first half of 2018 as regulatory uncertainty continues to depress ICO market
  • Despite market conditions, blockchain M&A transaction activity projected to rise over 300% y/y
  • While Ethereum has 18x more dApps than EOS, EOS dApps have 3x more daily users
  • Key trends in 2019 include stablecoins, security tokens and institutional crypto